Goodbye Under Eyes

Sometimes no amount of coffee can help with those under eye bags. No judgment here, because we've all had them from time to time, girlfriend! 

A simple way to get rid of those under eye bags is by applying a little bit of finishing powder. 

It's our owner's favorite tip! 

Using a flat or small rounded brush, apply a small amount of our Finishing Touch under your eyes. 



  • Apply as the last step to help set your makeup for the full day 
  • If your lips are pulling additional pigmentation from lipstick, apply around the lips to reduce redness. 
  • Put on the wrong lipstick all together? After wiping off the lipstick, put a thin layer of Finishing Touch on lips before reapplying new lipstick. This will help you create the true color of the lipstick you actually wanted vs pulling color from the other one! 
  • What's a girl to do if she needs to run out of the door (or let's face it, you just don't want to do your full makeup routine), but want your eyes to look fresh and bright? Apply Finishing Powder under eyes like we mention above, but also add a little on your eyelids and inner corner of eyes. (Avoid getting powder directly in eyes.)
  • Run out of dry shampoo? Brush a little bit of finishing powder on your roots to reduce the greasey look (that was so 2003!)

    Do you have another use of finishing powder? Share it with us!