Eyeliner in Seconds

Alright, Gorgeous, there's no hiding that we don't have a ton of products. But we did that for a reason- you already have too many products stashed away in that makeup bag that you don't use. 

Instead, we wanted to give you products that can be used in more than one way. 

Behold the magic of making eyeliner within seconds... 


Step 1: Select your desired eyeshadow or our Ultra Volumizing Mascara to create your favorite combo. If using an eyeshadow, dump out a little bit of the powder on your hand or a clean surface. If using mascara, dab a small amount on your hand.  

Step 2: Grab a small angled brush. For the powder, you will need to dip it in a little water, but that is not necessary if using our mascara.

Step 3: Apply your color with the small angled brush to your eyelid- make it as think or thick as you desire. 

And it's as simple as that!