Eyeliner in Seconds

Alright, Gorgeous, there's no hiding that we don't have a ton of products. But we did that for a reason- you already have too many products stashed away in that makeup bag that you don't use. 

Instead, we wanted to give you products that can be used in more than one way. 

Behold the magic of making eyeliner within seconds... 


Step 1: Select your desired eyeshadow or our Ultra Volumizing Mascara to create your favorite combo. If using an eyeshadow, dump out a little bit of the powder on your hand or a clean surface. If using mascara, dab a small amount on your hand.  

Step 2: Grab a small angled brush. For the powder, you will need to dip it in a little water, but that is not necessary if using our mascara.

Step 3: Apply your color with the small angled brush to your eyelid- make it as think or thick as you desire. 

And it's as simple as that! 


5 Brushes You Should Have

So you've probably been hooked on that big pack of brushes- we get it, everyone loves a good deal.

But let's be honest, you don't need to use 25 different brushes in your makeup routine. And we aren't sure about you, but we don't have time to memorize 13 steps to apply one layer of foundation. 

Let's get real and break down the brush essentials you should have in your collection for your every day look.

Psst- If you are new to using powder makeup here's a quick guide on how it all works. 


Brush #1 | Full Brush
A brush like this is essential for your foundation application. Apply in a circular motion to cover your desired areas. Bada-bing-bada-boom. Some of you ladies are cool with rocking just foundation- look how easy that was! 

Brush #2 | Stippling Brush
This is a great option to apply bronzer and/or blush. The key to applying either of these is to start from the top of the cheekbone and work down- that way if anything falls, it's falling on your cheek and not the white shirt you just put on. We also suggest adding a little bronzer along the hairline of your face and neck to bring the consistent glow on your face. And if you really want to get fancy with it, you can squeeze the brush together to make more of a contouring tool. We mean, if you are in to that kind of thing...   

Brush #3 | Small Stippling Brush
We've all woke up with those circles under our eyes and no matter how much coffee we drink, they don't disappear. Use a small stippling brush to apply Finishing Touch under your eyes to brighten them up. This also can be applied around your lips if you feel that lipstick pulls pigment after you apply it. Or if you change your mind after applying because you decided that you are feelin' more Fierce than Unforgettable today. If you would like to apply Finishing Touch to your entire face to help set in your makeup, use a full foundation brush like Brush #1. (But make sure it's clean, girl)

Brush #4 | All-Over Flat Eyeshadow Brush
Apply your base color across your lid with this brush. For a more pigmented look, lightly press the brush on your eyelid, following your eyeball as a guide. 

Brush #5 | Angled Blending Eyeshadow Brush
To add some depth to your eyes, select your secondary eyeshadow color and apply with this brush into the corner of your eyes. 

And that's it, girl! You are ready to rock your look, eliminate some brushes, and simplify your routine. 

But we can guess some of you are thinking, "well, what do I do with all these brushes that have been sitting in the bottom of my drawer?!" We know you can find some creative ways to recycle them. Or you can always hand them over to kids- you know they will find a way play with them. 

Goodbye Under Eyes

Sometimes no amount of coffee can help with those under eye bags. No judgment here, because we've all had them from time to time, girlfriend! 

A simple way to get rid of those under eye bags is by applying a little bit of finishing powder. 

It's our owner's favorite tip! 

Using a flat or small rounded brush, apply a small amount of our Finishing Touch under your eyes. 



  • Apply as the last step to help set your makeup for the full day 
  • If your lips are pulling additional pigmentation from lipstick, apply around the lips to reduce redness. 
  • Put on the wrong lipstick all together? After wiping off the lipstick, put a thin layer of Finishing Touch on lips before reapplying new lipstick. This will help you create the true color of the lipstick you actually wanted vs pulling color from the other one! 
  • What's a girl to do if she needs to run out of the door (or let's face it, you just don't want to do your full makeup routine), but want your eyes to look fresh and bright? Apply Finishing Powder under eyes like we mention above, but also add a little on your eyelids and inner corner of eyes. (Avoid getting powder directly in eyes.)
  • Run out of dry shampoo? Brush a little bit of finishing powder on your roots to reduce the greasey look (that was so 2003!)

    Do you have another use of finishing powder? Share it with us!

One Lipstick. May Looks.

You may have noticed we only have 4 lipsticks. Yep, we meant to do that! 

We don't know about you, but our idea of a good time is not standing in the store looking at 101 different shades that we are suppose to pick from. When selecting the colors of the line we knew we wanted to cover the basics. 


But something we pride ourselves on is the way you can use one product in multiple ways. So don't think you have to wear that one tube just one way! 

Check out how you can add just a little lip balm to change the colors. Don't be afraid to try this with our other two shades!


We know looking at some of the colors, they can seem pretty bold, but if you are looking for a more subtle look, dap a few dots on your lips, rub them together & reapply if desired. 

If you do want to make that POP of color with our Knock Out or Fierce, apply a full  layer on to your lips. Psst.. both are a matte lipstick and long lasting!

But you don't have to stop at just adding some lip balm or gloss to your color. Try mixing a few of the color together and create something totally new! 

Go have fun with it, girl. Then, share your favorite combo with us.