The Hello Life Story 

its all started with two mama entrepreneurs... 

Yes, this line was founded by two passionate entrepreneurial women looking for something different. 

They weren't into makeup videos, spending hours in front of the mirror perfect contour lines, or standing in the makeup aisle trying to select from 101 shades of shadows. But they knew they when they felt beautiful, their confidence showed. With the right lipstick, they were ready to take on the day. 

Once they started digging into the products the average cosmetics contained, they were horrified!  They wanted something natural that wouldn't break the bank, but couldn't find anything that fit their needs. 

So in true entrepreneurial fashion, they launched Hello Life. 

While in the beginning stages of the line, something pulled on our owner's heartstrings as she knew there was more to this than just makeup; something bigger. This is where the giveback piece comes in! 

Originally, the name of the line was created because hello, life throws some crazy things at us! Just when you think you have it all together, you spill your coffee, break your high heel, and realize you're running 15 minutes late. 

But as our owner dug deeper into the bigger picture of it all, the name reviewed the giveback portion of the company. After seeing the large number of people that are affect by mental health issues & the stigma surrounding it, she wanted to see something change. 

After research, she was introduced to the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care & it was decided that $1 of every product purchased would be donated to the organization. 

As we continue on in this journey, we are dedicated to providing women with beauty products that are easy, simple, and safe & making a difference in the mental health care arena. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us in our mission & being a part of our journey.